Game feeders are designed to attract wild animals.  If you live in an area where wildlife is abundant, you’ve probably spotted wild animals in your yard in the past.  While some animals could be dangerous, others are harmless as long as you keep your distance.  Animals like deer are cute and fun to watch.  If you love those special occasions when a deer wanders into your yard, then you can increase them by putting up deer feeders. 

Game feeders make it very easy to attract animals like deer to your backyard.  Deer will smell the feeder from a distance and automatically look for it.  Deer feeders are especially effective in the winter, although they should be left out throughout the year because deer get used to eating the same type of food.  As the weather gets cold and snow begins to fall, food becomes very scarce.  Deer will smell the feed you put out from very far away and seek it out.  After they find out, they’ll remember its exact location and come back often to look for more food.  With just one feeder, you can attract a family of deer that will visit your yard over and over again in the future.  

Using game feeders to attract deer to your yard is a fun and relaxing hobby.  At first glance, they appear to be cute and harmless.  For the most part, they are.  But, deer can get aggressive during certain seasons or if they feel threatened.  You can watch them from a distance safely, but don’t approach too them too closely.  After all, they are wild animals, and you can never be sure what their actions will be.  They might get scared or try to protect their young.  You just never know.  If you have young children, keeping your distance is especially important.  Children will love watching deer eat, but they don’t always understand that cute animals can be dangerous.  It’s very important to explain that deer need their space and while it’s okay to watch them, it’s not okay to try to touch them, or play with them.

As long as you avoid direct contact, attracting deer with game feeders can be a very safe and relaxing hobby.  To get started, place a feeder in an isolated area that is clearly visible from your home.  While there are many types of deer feed available for sale, shelled corn is one of the best.  It’s very high in protein, inexpensive, and it can be left out for many days.  Deer should be fed the same type of food throughout the year.  It takes time for their stomachs to become accustomed to one type of food, so it’s very important to be consistent with the type of feed you decide to use.  Once deer discover your feeder, they’ll come back over and over again.  Feeding animals like deer is a very exciting and rewarding hobby.  You’ll feel in touch with nature, and you’ll help feed animals that might otherwise go hungry for a long time.

Source by Lynn Porter