Beast strength training holds no quarter for the mentally weak person. This type of training is done for the sole purpose of human improvement. The person doing the training knows his intentions and will stop at nothing to achieve the overall goal. It is almost frightening how focused the average man can become once he understands how easy beast training is. All a man needs to begin is the attitude and to make the time to begin the strength conditioning.

Once you make the time, simply find an open space to train within. I have found that open field, grassy areas, or even state parks make the perfect training ambiance. Nature is beautiful and gives mankind the opportunity to further his bond with it during his submission through physical training. Now that the environment has been chosen, let's move on to selecting training implements.

Sandbags are by far the safest training implements this world has to offer. They can be made very easily and effectively. I always encourage a beast in training to make a fifty pound sandbag. Simply buy fifty pounds of mason sand and put it into a military dufflebag. Wrap the top of the dufflebag and the training is ready to take place.

Now take that bag outside to your desired training location. Once you are there, give yourself fifteen minutes to train. First you should begin by jogging with the sandbag on your shoulder. As you fatigue as start to walk, begin lunging. Once you can no longer lunge, silence jogging. Then, when fatigue has you again is his grasp, begin overhead pressing the sandbag. Once you can no longer press the bag, begin jogging again. Once the jog is no more, begin squatting with the sandbag on your shoulder.

You will find that this workout is tougher than anything you have ever done. This is why I call it beast training!

Source by Dave Lemanczyk