Astrology and Predictions

The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

Numerology has been widely applied and talked about dating from from the time of Pythagoras, who as we all know was

How to Calculate the Numerology Birthday Number and What Does it Mean?

The birthday number in numerology is one of the easiest numbers to calculate and is the second most important of one's

Angel Numerology

Have you ever had the thought that everywhere you look there is 11:11 or 4:44?  You happen to wake up and

Facts on Life Path 8 in Numerology

A Life Path number is one of the most important numbers to understand numerology concepts. It is the basis on which

About predictions in astrology

This is the second article by me and all my articles are based on the practical happenings of one's life. Normally

What Does Great ‘the Tower’ Tarot Card Really Intimate?

The fable of tarot cards started around the 15th century, a century after cards were introduced in Europe beginning with the

How Does An Aries Woman Make A Date With A Scorpio Man?

The biggest nature of an Aries woman is her powerful passion, and it's similar to a Scorpio man. So, both of

Essential Planetary Principles: Mercury

The Winged Messenger of the Gods" In Mythology Mercury is the son of Jupiter and a friend of Apollo (the Sun).

Foreign Travelling In Astrology

The craze to see, enjoy and experience a new world is the primal human instinct. Generally people prefers foreign travel for

Characteristics of the Zodiac Venus in Cancer

In an astrological chart, the planet Venus is associated with how a person expresses their self in their relationships- especially in

Service or Job Transfer in Astrology

Transfer of a government servant or private employee affects the person physically, mentally and financially.  Whether minor or major change it influences one's normal

Astrology as a Tool of History

During Islamic Invasion of India people of South India sincerely guarded and preserved the Hindu culture. It is a part of

Planetary Combinations Destroying Health, Wealth & Prosperity

Dr. Shanker Adawal The absence of the Sunapha, the Anapha and the Durudhara Yogas in a horoscope signifies the existence of

Expertise Available for Astrology Readings

Unfortunately, in our life, we all face many kinds of problematic situations which are not considerable to good solutions by own.

Astrological Yogas That Move Your Fortune Up

Yoga is a unique planetary position and combination of planets that produce a specific result and make great effects in its

Results of Venus placed in various houses of a horoscope

Dr. Shanker Adawal First House Venus in 1st house bestows the native with longevity and good health. Native possess a good

Transits and Divisional Charts

Dr. Shanker Adawal The motivation for the approach described here comes from principles described in the classics. The "Bhrigu transits", which

Yogas for Taurus Ascendant

Dr. Shanker Adawal Y-1- For Taurus Ascendant, Jupiter-(11L) and Mercury-(2L) combination brings ample financial luck. If Venus is also involved in

Love Compatibility by Horoscope Signs

Zodiac signs have been with us since the ancient times and the signs are influencing our lives. It is believed that

Various Types of Prosperity and Wealth Yoga's in Astrology

More than one planet establishes their relation by association or aspect or by any other situation constitutes yoga. They are several

Yogas for Libra Ascendant

Dr. Shanker Adawal Y-1- Sun-11th lord, Mars-7th lord, Mercury-9th lord and Saturn-5th and 4th lord, placed together in Libra Ascendant denotes

Brahama Yoga in Hindu Astrology

The origin of Universe is attributed to Brahama -Vishnu and Mahesh. Though Lord Shiva (Mahesh) is also referred to as the

Astrology- When will I have my own house?

It is a natural and fundamental intention to have sweet home for survival comfortable in life. According to the capability of

Striving Styles Personality System – Beyond the MBTI

Introducing a new system for assessing personalities to the public and in business is quite a daunting proposition when you consider

Astrological Compatibility For People Interested In Deciding The Prosperity Of A Relationship

Astrology has been greatly accepted today considering all the vicious unprecedented events people are forced to face today as a part

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