Or a case of blind, hallucinatory faith ?

Anne Germain, the prettiest medium ever, landed with a bang on the startled consciousness of a sceptical Spanish television audience. At first they could not believe their ears as she fired point blank at practically every target with minute detail and sent her plateau and audience sitters into paroxysm of uncontrolled tears. There is no doubt about the effect – their beloved departed had just been on the show and the most personal details flung out to the waiting millions with the same precision and alarm as on previous shows on this channel seven of Spanish Television. Nobody could fail to gasp as minute details that only the secretive sitters could have possibly known,were laid out flat and the doors of the eternal remained open for at least a good ten minutes each time. This has upset other televisions moguls who watch the audience figures soar before their jealous eyes.

The time had come to send in a mercenary and deny everything she came up with – thereby unmasking what could only be a gross fake. The insipid and virtually incomprehensibly respected figure that challenged her was a makeshift comedian out to cash in on the act. His target – Anne and her pretensions. He would deny everything she claimed she knew about him and his immortal departees. He claimed he could prove she was a massive fraudsters but did not say how he was going to do it. Unprepared for such an assault, Anne fell for it and continued in her own inimitable style to pour out her momentous impressions of her sitter and what she claims are his or her messages from their beloved long gone. The man, appeared to have succeeded in unmasking her stage act, by denying every vestige of sense of anything she had told him. He even charged the programme 15,000 euros for doing it. But did he unmask or was he the fraudster who led her into confusing areas with the sort of body behaviour language that every medium reads to be able to follow the path that gradually lights up with uncanny closeness to reality ? Whatever, to be able to prove who is doing what to whom, it is important to work out how so very many, listened with horror at the precise messages that came through about which Anne could have heard something about previously, but which details only a genius of the size of Einstein could possibly remember in sequence without getting it mixed up with someone else. The pitiful, tawdry inquisitor proved nothing – just that he refused to accept anything that she said, whether right or wrong. Hardly probable in view of past performances and which begs the question. It does however leave the matter in a limbo which has absolutely no effect on the messages given out to others that made them feel that their beloved were there right beside or behind them.

When quackery is of itself abnormal.

Is Anne a fraudster and if so, how on earth does she do it ? To those accustomed to the whys and wherefores of parapsychological phenomena, Anne is not only a good medium, but a good woman who does it because she wants to bring peace to the tortured minds of people who have in some cases,literally seen the object of their passion and love burnt alive to cinders. Case after case of the most poignant drama, including murder, unravelled before our very minds as Anne almost becomes the victims of these cruel fates and talks lovingly to their horrified parents through the eyes and expressions of a medium who to all intents and purposes, becomes the victim of such ordeals. Is this show business and can an acceptably good woman like Anne in all her humble majesty, be playing a lewd and deceptive game ? It is difficult to see beyond a certain point, but it is disquietingly clear that even Jordi, the well known interviewer and presenter of many a successful show, is rattled at her detailed appraisals that imply that Anne is in touch with something beyond his own, very experienced, capability of analysis. Is this a monstrous act full of hidden gadgetry like two way minute transmitters controlled by researchers within the team ? Is this also a case of the studio audience made to sit on numbered seats known to Anne ? It is all possible and Anne may have that sort of rational capability of being able to correlate information and tie it down with precision, even as an impromptu on the spot exercise.? Yes, it is all very possible and maybe, under the circumstances, ethically encouraged by the medium if the Murdoch saga is anything to go by, but highly improbable, taking into account the overlooked capability of coming out with details, such as a strange photograph with a long since dead paranormal impression in a red dress, that only the family knew about and which for private reasons had never been put out to the press. In fact, where one member of a family did not know of some things, the other, who had kept it secret, had to admit of the existence of one thing our another. It would need a team the size of NASA to coordinate all this.

Paranormal phenomenon is difficult to harness. If finds [removed]even with witnesses), when least expected, but always impossible to either record or maintain for future analysis. Such is the fate of many a prerecorded event to be that follows the pattern. Nobody believes it and the matters dismissed curtly. Doubt and scepticism is as powerful a negative factor as these positive pointers of other dimensions are. The one cancels the other and as if by some sort of heavenly mistake, everything goes back to normal as if it had never been.

And then there was doubt.

But even then, what is clearly obvious is that the doubt will always remain as to whether it really has anything to do with another world populated by our beloved gone. It matters little as much as how to acknowledge God if we do not know what we are looking for or what it is that we are being asked to believe in. Fervent believers in the possibility of a divine existence may well plead negatively about belief in God, without first ascertaining what in fact it is they are being asked to believe in. This is the case with Anne and her ability to recreate the presence and bring back to our world a mind long since feared gone. Other factors of greater importance could be at play. The sum total of the consciousness of our deceased may well be tucked away in one or more remote corners of our own little understood mind. We do after all, not only produce a biochemical exterior being we call our children, but are deprived of continuing our existence by passing on our own consciousness which would utn “them” into “us”. In fact it is this difference that makes them, “other people” , into whose mind we can only go as Anne does, by instinctive relationship, but not with any precision or capability to manoeuvre no matter how hard we try. Ask any parent and the answer is quite defined – ” We can only do and guess so much”. But where does this take us ? Simply that Anne could by nature of her “gift” or intuitiveness, be capable of absorbing all those hidden archives by simply following the line of sight and behavioural patterns of response and honestly attributing her knowledge to contact with their sadly departed, but then she would have to have most of the circumstantial knowledge well assimilated. Not a plausible probability.

Anne Germain, like Yuri Geller, will continue top startle, soothe and bring happiness to many and she herself may well continute to think that she is in contact with another dimension and in which our lost ones, linger, for a while at least. As long as she believes in it, it does not matter how it is done, but if it really is merely a question of a very sophisticated form of telepathy coupled with a very highly refined understanding of behavioural psychology, it belongs to a new dimension of things. In fact it would point at the existence of cognitive dimensions which defy understanding and is this not where we have all been led to believe our dearly beloved ones have gone ?

Source by Michael Mifsud