Firstly, what is arthritis?

Arthritis is known as a joint disorder which causes pain and stiffness in the body over time. Arthritis is frequently accompanied by pain in the joint area. Joints are two places where the bones meet. Sometimes, the hands or knees get so sore that the sufferer finds it hard to move. Arthritis literally means inflammation of one or more joints. For many, arthritis seems to be the inevitable part of an aging process. However, let’s dispel the most persistent misconception about arthritis. Arthritis is not just an old person’s disease. It affects and afflicts young people too.

There are many kinds of arthritis. The more common ones are Rheumatoid arthritis, Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

Arthritis is classified as one of the rheumatic diseases. These diseases are similar in terms that they often affect the joints, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and many have potential to affect the internal body areas.

Osteoarthritis – is the pain and inflammation caused by the progressive loss of cartilage in the joints. It affects mainly the elderly. Osteoarthritis usually affects the fingers, knees, spine and hips. In this form of arthritis, the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of bones will gradually wear away. This will cause the inner bone to become exposed and when it rubs together, it will cause muscles to be damaged, not to mention pain and discomfort. Besides that, one with Osteoarthritis will experience difficulty in his/her movement.

Although the cause of Osteoarthritis is yet to be uncovered, some people who have had Osteoarthritis have a genetic bone disorder where bone deformation appear at an early age. Besides that, this problem affects many athletes because of the misuse of anabolic steroids. In many people, the onset of osteoarthritis is gradual and has no serious debilitating effect, although it can change the shape and size of bones. Osteoarthritis is simply regarded as part of the aging process.

Rheumatoid arthritis however, could begin at any age, more commonly to those ranging from 25 years of age. This problem affects women more than it does men. Rheumatoid arthritis is when the body’s defense system fail to function properly. It affects the joints, bones and other body organs. The effects are, one would get tired easily, and inability to sleep. More serious effects are, it could be damaging to parts of the body such as the heart, lungs, eyes and muscles.

Is there an effective cure for arthritis?

Some people have spend most of their time and money in search for a cure for arthritis. They try almost everything including surgical procedures, prescription drugs, over-the-counter pills, etc. – but nothing has given them the permanent results that they are looking for.

Medication are considered a traditional treatment for arthritis. There are several foods that could also help in the process of curing arthritis

Living with arthritis could be physically and emotionally draining. The question is, how does a young man or woman deal with this chronic pain 24/7? It is a real effort required to overcome this problem.

Is there really an Amazing arthritis relief as people claim there are?

Take heart, because the amazing arthritis relief is out there as there are ways to free one who has been suffering for arthritis for many years. And to do so without any harsh prescription of drugs or strict diets. These are natural cures! – Try natural dietary supplements, improving one’s way of life, and the many therapies to combat arthritis.

With perseverance and a wide knowledge on the problem you are facing, you can overcome this problem!

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Source by Christine S Lee