Static model airplanes, as the name suggest are non-flying models. They are not meant for flying but are mostly built for those who hobby is to collect and keep these pieces. Static model airplanes are also used as show pieces or placed on strategic places in a room or office to add beauty to the place.

Static model aircraft are made of various materials. These materials include wood, canvas, die cast metal and plastic. Some models may be made with a combination of some of these materials too. For those models that are made from wood, Mahogany and balsa are the commonly used types of wood. These models are usually hand carved and although they are not so detailed to scale, they represent the real planes in many outer details like windows and shape. Plastic materials are more detailed that the wooden models and gives the buyer a wide range of sizes and forms than which to choose. The most detailed models are the ones which are die-cast. These are metallic and are so detailed that they represent the real airplane in exact scale.

As mentioned earlier, static model planes are mostly meant for display. To ensure easy display, most models come with a base which enables them to be placed on surfaces like tables, cabinets etc. Depending on the size of your plane, you can decide also to hang it from a ceiling to give it a flight facade. But care should be taken not to expose these model planes to direct sunlight, since it may cause discoloration. Some models also need to be assembled before displaying or at least, some parts like propellers and attached ammunition need to be attached in case they came dismembered.

Static model planes come in different sizes. Some are tiny pieces while others are as big as 5 feet or more. Although it's not so common in model planes, some models are scaled to size. In other words, the model size is, say 1:40, means it is 1 / 40th of the real plane. Some models also come decorated and others undecorated. The decorated ones are mostly plastic models and die cast models while the undecorated ones are wood. These models are unique since they reveal the original carving and one can also paint them!

Static model airplanes are mostly maintenance free but still need some care. First, they should be kept away from direct sunlight and should be dusted regularly to avoid discoloration. They should also be handled with care especially while picking them. Do not pick them up from the wings, but always do so from the fuselage or from the display base. The price of these models depends on the size, the material used and the details of the model. The most detailed models come at a high price, but are worth every penny.

Source by Victor Epand