The Pelican fountain pen was invented in the early 19th century by a German chemist called Carl Hornemann who setup Germany’s first company for writing tools. This came to be a key milestone in the advancement of writing. Before that if you needed to write out some pages in a book, a shopping list or a letter you had to make do with dip pens which had to be dipped in the inkpot after almost every sentence. Although the dip pens were definitely an improvement over the earlier quill pens which were made of feathers from birds, they were not the perfect tools for writing. And then the Pelican fountain pens came along.

The Pelican fountain pen which was capable of holding its ink supply was welcomed with a lot of gusto. Its creation made it to the front page of every newspaper. Getting its name from the reservoir in the barrel which holds the ink, the first Pelikan fountain pens had to be filled with the help of a dropper. A time went by, the pattern was refined and the fountain pens were filled by just depressing a lever on the outside of the barrel. In the middle of the 20th century came the disposable ink cartridges that could be inserted into the barrel. Writing with the Pelican fountain pens was definitely far from messy now.

Although you might find that most people nowadays would rather use the very handy ballpoint pens, Pelican Fountain pens are still very popular. Stylish and shiny, they add flamboyance to even the not so good handwriting. Accessible in a variety of models and for prices varying from the reasonably priced to highly extravagant, the Pelican fountain pen is one of the most popular choices for a gift. The very first Pelikan fountain pens are even considered to be collector’s items and are said to have great value.

Pelican fountain pens have to be cared for if you want them to work well and last long. Make sure you clean it on a regular basis so that the ink flows without difficulty. The nib should be set as well as aligned correctly. You may use cold water to wash the nib and then dry it up with a cloth which is free of lint. You can also get an expert to have the nib re-tipped so that it becomes smoother. To avoid leaks, always make sure that you carry your Pelican fountain pen with its nib pointing upwards.

Pelican fountain pens are supposed to help us in writing and other activities that need ink to be transferred to paper from a writing instrument. You can just imagine how many various kinds of such products are available in the market today. They are all made to satisfy the needs of artists as well as writers. Besides the Pelican fountain pen, others of interest to you may include the Aurora fountain pens, the Visconti fountain pens, Omas fountain pens, Conway Stewart fountain pens and David Oscarson pens.

Source by Arthur Mavericck