It is no secret that airline company complaints are on the rise in the USA. However, there are other players out there to be blamed in addition to just airline companies.

Reports show that airline complaints have been on a steady rise. That is not surprising. In a struggling industry such as the airlines, because of ongoing cost cutting efforts, customer service often takes the back seat, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Many travelers often experience airline abuse by no conscious fault of the airline company. Employees are sometimes put in tough situations that lead to such actions, which then lead to airline complaints.

This is an airline problem companies can definitely live without. They already have a huge list of issues that continue to contribute to their net losses year after year. The last thing they want to see are passengers who want to sue the airline company because of the mistreatment they experienced.

Before you go blaming an airline company, consider that a bulk of airline tickets today are booked by third party agencies such as Travelocity and Orbitz. Unfortunately these organizations have only added to the list of airline complaints as air travelers have experienced less than satisfactory services with such companies.

What do passengers do about these airline issues? They take it up with airline companies, who unfortunately cannot do anything if you have booked through a third party service. It’s a loose loose situation for all involved isn’t it?

So where should you take your airline company complaints? Definitely not to either one of these. If you do, you will be tossed back and forth like a tennis ball. Your last resort becomes to sue the airline in small claims court.

Learn all you can before filing your airline complaint and ensure your victory before you even head down to your local small claims court. And if you ask what is an airline problem air carriers can live without The answer is definitely airline complaints from travelers.

Source by Sunil S.