Active RFID Tag – Implementing RFID on car plate?

Active RFID Tag : Some of the countries already implemented cars’ plate will be implemented with RFID tag. In this case, in order for the RFID readers to read the long range frequency, an active type of RFID tag is needed. This type of active RFID is embedded with RFID tags on their car numbering plate. The cost of embedding this RFID tags most likely will be paid by consumer. It will prevent car thieves from getting away by just changing stolen car’s plates. Most of the time, the e-plates have a battery lifespan of 10 years.

The question comes-up as how much this system cost to implement for a country? Who will be beneficial out of this investment? Will officially free up their time to tackle more value added work with this productivity improvement gadget? Who is controlling the cost of selling on this RFID?

Again, since this RFID tag is sensitive and should be tamper-protected, a technical consultant team needs to look into the materials design to withstand critical temperature and climate for the car plate and RFID tags. A reputable RFID supplier is recommended for this type of RFID system work.

Cost of RFID tag has came down drastically, replacement of broken car plate and device should be also lower as well. A control pricing for this item is definitely a recommended item and has to be enforce by the government agency.

Other factors that RFID can help:

Significantly reduce inventory — The inventory accuracy of the company is important in order to help eliminate excess/missing inventory, losses and write downs. With RFID, inventory errors can be reduced so that the company can be assured that the inventory indicated is the actual inventory available.

Improve planning and forecasting — Visibility improvements throughout the supply-chain can help to improve the forecasting capabilities subsequently help better track where inventory is and what is happening throughout the supply chain.

Accuracy of out-of stock conditions — This will be an customer experience issue. When an item is out of stock the customer is often left disappointed, either avoiding the purchase altogether — common in grocery stores. Using RFID product tracking and inventory visibility and forecasting, such as alerting the store staff immediately when the last item leaves the shelf, can have an immediate top-line revenue impact and have residual effects by improving customer service and satisfaction.

Overall, the implementation need to use active rfid tag technology and this technology is commonly available now. Without active RFID tag technology, we might not able to track long distance object, there is the beauty of active rfid tag.

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