Acne (blackheads and the bars) is the condition of the skin most common in puberty and adolescence, being able to affect 80% of young people. Many causes influence the occurrence and duration of acne: genetic, hormonal, emotional, dietary, etc.

Acne occurs because hormonal changes stimulate the sebaceous glands. They produce a higher amount of fat that can be expelled to the exterior of the skin, then the accumulation of fat and skin cells clog pores, causing a bulging of the follicle and can arrive to break the wall of the follicle. If this happens, the bacteria that are normally in the skin surface, penetrate and multiply by infecting the area, forming pustules or cysts, depending on the size and depth of infection.

How to treat acne with aloe vera?

Because bacterial and astringent properties (regulating fat) Aloe Vera is the ideal product for treating acne. Although the treatment is effective because it requires constant acne that is very difficult to cure. When starting treatment, it is possible that the worsening state of the skin the first few days. We must have patience. Used regularly, Aloe Vera Acne Treatment is effective and the results will be gradually on the skin.
Thoroughly clean the affected area with an Aloe Vera cream cleaner and a facial tonic, then apply a gel with a high content of Aloe Vera (93.5%).Thanks to the properties of Aloe Vera astringentes get dry shins and antibacterial capacity expansion and prevent the proliferation of bacteria that cause acne.

This should be done every morning when you wake up and before bed at night, where rebels may also be repeated at noon. The regularity in the treatment is essential for this to be effective.
To enhance the effectiveness of treatment should be accompanied by the daily intake (three times daily) for a big spoonful of pure Aloe Vera Juice 100% . Can be taken alone or diluted in a base of water if the taste is unpleasant can be diluted in fruit juice.

Among the many properties of Aloe Vera juice highlights its powerful depurative, stimulating and regulating the body. Reduce body fat and reduced levels of fat produced by the sebaceous glands.

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