Making calls has become easier with the availability of call termination; users can now enjoy calling anywhere across the globe at minimal rates. The boon in the telecommunication industry has made international calling or long distance calling cheaper – more so when compared to traditional PSTN phone services. Moreover, businesses or organisations with a global presence have been the first to enjoy the benefits of specialised call termination services. Moving further, residential users are also making the most of the benefits that these services have to offer.

Calling over the Internet telephony allows users to send and receive voice, video and images over a single IP network. Without any geographical constraints, call termination services using VoIP are routed over the Internet as small digital packets. These digital packets are in form of compressed digital signals, and favour uninterrupted communication between the senders and receivers. This smaller packets or packet switching technique of VoIP increases the productivity and reduces the calling costs significantly. Providers of the VoIP termination services deliver carrier-class quality compared to traditional PSTN service providers. Without any geographical constraints, user are able to enjoy VoIP service anywhere and anytime. There are two types of call termination services namely switched termination service and dedicated termination service.

Switched Termination Services
This service supports long distance calling over an existing local voice access, such as business lines or digital trunks. Therefore, the switched long distance service can be configured to support outbound long distance, inbound toll-free calling or both.

Dedicated Termination Services
In this service the major motive of call is to reduce the calling cost. The dedicated long distance termination services have lower costs per minute due to the requirement of a dedicated DS1 – DS3 line to be installed. This is because there is still a fixed loop cost for the line depending upon the size.

While opting for the termination service, potential users or customers must ensure that VoIP providers are offering a-z termination rates and services. For instance, call conferencing, 3-way calling, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and address book are some of the additional termination services that are usually on offer. Voice over Internet Protocol service delivers a comprehensive range of next-generation VoIP termination business plans, reseller programs, carrier services or managed portioning service. And most of the IP service providers ensure that A-Z termination rates are delivered to end users and business customers.

VoIP service allows the user to make telephone calls via IP networks like Internet; Analog Telephone Adaptors, or the handset. In ATAs, the analog signals are converted into digital formats without any hassle. For availing the VoIP call termination service, users can opt for any one way:

1. Voice over IP calling through computer
2. Calling from designed IP phone with built-in ATA
3. Traditional fixed line phones for calling over the Internet.

Today, longer distance and international calling is made easier by call termination services of voice over IP.

Source by Jerry George