There is a new type of Yoga Drumming created by two young musicians that is rapidly becoming the hottest new exercise craze sweeping America. This amazing new form of Yoga Drumming is catching on fast because it gives virtually instant results.

The concept of combining Yoga and Drumming isn’t new. But two young up and coming musicians from Miami, FL developed new and more effective Yoga Drumming exercises that produces rapid and remarkable results over any previous methods of combining yoga and drumming for achieving everything from weight loss to improving music abilities.

Yoga is a disciplined method used for attaining specific goals and improving various skills.

The new techniques these musicians developed greatly enhances the natural relationship between drumming and yoga in that the resonance of the vibrating drum magnifies the effect of the Yoga exercise dramatically. People who have tried their new techniques say that these new exercises cause the vibration of drumming to bring the mind out of the awareness of their present time and moves a person into a place with no time in a state similar to a form of conscious, self-hypnosis.

People who are using these newly developed techniques say they are more invigorated at the end of a session. They describe themselves as caught up in the moment being swept into an energetic yet warm secure place.  There is no question about one aspect of these new Yoga Drumming techniques in that they definitely enhance the pleasure of the yoga experience itself. Yoga students and drummers say they experience a transcendence out of the ordinary into a state of bliss and wellbeing and a true sense that everything is connected to everything else expressed as the ultimate sense of security and oneness.

The new approach these young musicians developed incorporating special drum techniques into their unique Yoga exercises accelerates the benefits of Yoga and allows musicians it seems to rapidly achieve mastering of the drums according to many drummers.

In their new approach to Yoga Drumming, you need to practice both yoga and drumming techniques separately and then put them together. You have to practice holding the drumstick the right way and you have to practice their new yoga techniques like downward dog before you can put them together.

Once you put them together the results are amazing. After a few days you will notice your balance increase. Your drumming will be much more focused and you will feel enlightened in a way you have never experienced before.

People who have tried Yoga Drumming simply love it. They say their lives have been changed irreversibly for the better. They no longer experience stress, they lost unwanted pounds, they feel more alert, and basically, people just love it.

I tried it and loved it. So be warned, if you try it you will be hooked.

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Source by Bill SerGio, Infomercial King