7Seas Connect is glad to announce the release of its enhanced callback service iCallMe. The new enhanced Callback service offers a new set of features including Speed dialing, balance and minutes announcements and tag on call.

7seas Callback service is a great way to save on international calls for customers traveling overseas or customers living outside of the United States and wish to make international calls for much less.

Why use our Callback service?

  • Accessible from any phone: No need to switch or contact your phone service provider. You have the freedom to use our service from any phone you desire at anytime.
  • Minimize your international calling cost: With our low rates and premium quality, you will be paying less for all your international calls, yet enjoying our premium voice quality.
  • Available from anywhere in the world: Whether you are traveling overseas or living outside of the United States, you now have the freedom to call from anywhere to anywhere in the world even if your phone carrier does not allow international calls.
  • Easy and convenient: With our callback service, it takes seconds to make your low cost international call, and you can use it at anytime and anywhere 24/7.
  • Low Cost Rate Plans: No matter which rate plan you choose, you will enjoy our low cost rates and highest levels of quality, reliability and stability.
  • No hidden fees. No connection fees. No monthly fees. No taxes. What you see is what you pay.
  • Control spending: With our callback Service, you are now in charge of your spending. Your spending is controlled by the amount in your account.
  • Online Account Management: You’ll enjoy access to view or modify you account settings, including contact information, billing information, login credentials, Caller ID, e-mail notifications, calls & payment history and more.
  • Account Sharing: With our service, you can share your account with friends and family.
  • PIN-less Dialing: Enjoy making your international calls without having to dial a PIN. Just register your phone number on your 7Seas account, and you are good to go.
  • Multi Prompt Language: With our callback service, you will be able to hear our prompt in any of the many languages we offer.
  • Speed Dialing: You no longer need to remember or dial phone numbers, your speed dial number is all you need.
  • Tag on Call: Make more calls without redialing the callback number by simply pressing the * key on your phone keypad.
  • Auto Recharge: Never run out of credit again. Have your account automatically recharged whenever your balance reaches a minimum amount at no extra cost.
  • Online Support Center: Our support representatives are prepared to provide you with answers to your questions and/or comments. Simply submit your inquiry/comment and you’ll be assigned an Incident ID for tracking purposes.

For more information please refer to www.7seasconnect.com/callback

Source by 7Seas Connect LLC