2012 is the Year of Predictions and Prophecy. Never before has a moment in time stimulated so much conjecture and discussion. It is time to look at 2012 from a numerical standpoint and allow Numerology to provide additional insight and add to our understanding of things to come in the year 2012.

 Each year we are dealing with a Universal Year Number which defines the energy that influences our experiences in that particular year.

 2012 is a 5 Universal Year (2+0+1+2 =5). 

The 5 represents change and without change, there is no growth. There certainly is an element of restlessness on the planet and, in some cases, resentment that change is not coming fast enough. People from all walks of life, in practically every country on the planet, are asking for change. The question is, will those in power listen?

 There is a feeling of uncertainty about this year and that is quite normal in a 5 year.  It is important in this year as we begin the process of making changes; we do it without aggression or burning the bridges behind us which can lead to regrets. The 5 represents progress, expansion and more freedom People will begin to become more open-minded and willing to accept new thoughts and ideologies.  It is also a number that is strongly associated with sudden unexpected events and sometimes change that is not chosen, but rather simply happens and we are forced to deal with it. The 5 should bring about changes of major proportions in the world.  We must learn to be adaptable and flexible as we navigate the new waters of our collective experience.  September 2012 will be especially intense.

2012, without question, will be an exciting year. We have a major opportunity to make progress in the advancement of humanity. The time for change is now

The following are potential trends for 2012 based upon Numerology and my personal insight: 

Occupy Wallstreet : This movement has felt limitations and restrictions in 2011  because the 4 Universal Year clings to conventional thinking but this will not be the case for 2012. The Occupy movement will expand in 2012.  People from all walks of life will join this movement. I have major concern that riots will take place and there is a potential for violence if our leaders continue to try to suppress the movement. This movement, although not perfect, represents a shift in the collective consciousness and serves to shine a light upon truth and creating a better world that serves all mankind. It does create a forum to address the problems we have in this country which need change and because of that; I see no end to the movement.On a Global, scale, protests will also accelerate and again, there is potential for violence.

Religion: Because the 5 is open minded and seeks new ideas and philosophies, this year will bring even greater acceptance of spiritual philosophy. The shift in this thinking has already begun but this is the year that will expand it even further. People are looking for answers when it comes to their religious beliefs. What was once “New Age” will become mainstream.

Technology:  The 5 is strongly associated with technology and new ideas so this should be a huge year for the advancement of technology.

Weather:  The trend for unusual weather phenomenon will continue but I feel windstorms will make the headlines. Chicago and Texas should take note. We have had relatively minor hurricane seasons for the past several years however this is about to change. I expect an active hurricane season and unlike the past few seasons, these will make landfall as hurricanes and cause damage. The East Coast is in for problems with major snowstorms this winter and flooding later in the year. There will be extended disruptions of electrical power due to the stormy weather not only in the East, but elsewhere as well. There will also be an increase in tornados in the usual places butFloridashould remain vigilant.

Business: Bad news for the big banks, Bank of America, Chase and Citi Bank perhaps due to the backlash from unethical business practices as well as the cascading effects of failed investments due to the economy.  Expect financial losses with these 3 companies. There will be a continued trend of people moving their money to local banks and credit unions. There will be huge developments with fraud charges with major companies next year. The bankruptcy of MF Global will be in the news not only for the economic ramifications but also for unethical procedure.  Wall Street is feeling the effects of the economy and jobs will continue to disappear even in the financial district. Other companies that will experience hardship will be Sprint and Netflix. There is a chance theUSA will have its credit rating downgraded again. Expect major financial news in March and December.

Sun: Yes we are entering the solar maximum and it is to be expected however next year, we can count on major geomagnetic storms of greater intensity and there may be a disruption of power or other effects that are severe. Solar events will make the headlines.

Accidents: This will be the year of accidents with trains, planes and automobiles. I do feel we will have several major plane crashes and train collisions or derailments. I can not rule out industrial or nuclear accidents as well. I can also see failures of infrastructure such as dams or bridges. The potential for additional repercussions due to the oil spill in theGulf of Mexico are highly likely.

Earthquakes: The trend for larger than normal earthquakes will continue. Mother Earth is going through her cycles too.

Computer Hackers: There will be massive cyber attacks and computer sabotage. This will be big news in 2012. The internet is at risk in 2012.

The Sky is Falling: 2012 will be remembered for objects falling from the sky. I feel whether it is satellites, space stations or space junk, there will be major news and potentially a major accident due to debris falling from the skies. I can not rule out a meteor either.

Riots in Prisons:  The call for change will also be seen in institutions that confine a person’s freedom. I think we will see major riots in prisons or hunger strikes.

Scandals: We have seen recent headlines having to do with sexual abuse and 2012 will bring more of this to light. Institutions, such as the Catholic Church, and individuals will be held accountable for covering up sexual abuse.

Economic:  Food prices will continue to rise.There still will be no recovery for the housing market.  High unemployment rates will continue and I believe possibly get worse with news of massive layoffs from big companies.

2012 Presidential Election: I expect an unexpected outcome from this election. A “Dark Horse’ candidate will win the election.

Travel: The 5 tends to place emphasis on travel so it should be a better than expected year for the travel industry. It also is strongly associated with change of residence and being that this vibration is on a global scale, I suspect people may have to relocate , perhaps because of natural disasters or a change in the area they are living.

Source by Alison Baughman