Ebay has become by far the most popular way for people to sell things online. It is used by many hundreds of thousands of people around the world to sell their old second hands goods that they no longer use or as an easy non-technical way to set up an eccomerce business to sell new products. But just because it is the most popular does not mean that it is the best. With recent fee increases and lower sales figure many people are now starting to realize this and to go out looking for ebay alternatives to sell their things.

Here are 10 interesting ebay alternatives that you might like to look at:

1 – auctions.com: No listing fees, no final value fees. You only pay if you want to get extra promotion and visibility for your listings on the site.

2 – TripleClicks: A ‘global garage sale’ website with fixed prices and listing which stay on the site until they sell rather than for a fixed auction period

3 – Bonanzle: A popular auction alternative that is easy to use and allows you to import ebay listings.

4 – Ebid.net: No listing fees, and the option of a paid lifetime membership which removes all final value fees too.

5 – iOffer.com: Rather than using the auction or garage sale model, this one facilitates negotiated sales of items between members.

6 – ePier.com: No listing fees, and a heavy emphasis on local sales for specific cities.

7 – CQout.com: A UK site with no listing fees and a low 1.5% final value fee.

8 – Webidz.com: You have to pay to become a member, but then there are no other fees after that.

9 – Bidtopia: Great for penny auctions.

10 – amazon marketplace: Another giant with an established visitor base to match ebay.

Source by Dean Walsh